Greetings from CEO


Thank you for visiting our company’s website.

FOCUS H&S is creating a safe life for customers.
Thank you for your deep interest and support for us.

FOCUS H&S is a technology-oriented company with a sense of duty that
people who like technology gather to make products with
responsibility for the safety of customers who use the products.

Through FOCUS H&S, experience various smart AI platforms such as
intelligent video control, smart parking guidance, embedded parking
control, access control through face recognition, and various video
analysis tools.

People, technology and customer safety

Fluent researchers with abundant image processing technology and people who have worked
in digital image for many years have gathered to develop devices that customers need,
including images and various sensor data, as a more meaningful and intuitive way to express

With the development of digital technology, Focus has been developing video security products
with abundant system design capabilities and unique image processing technologies
since its establishment.

As a result of these efforts, we were able to have a camera lineup (4K) equipped with AI
functions, various storage devices and Edge IoT devices like environmental sensors. And we
developed cameras and server storage devices with smart AI camera technology and system design technology and provide customers with innovative video integration control platform
with flexible UX and event processing technology.

As a result, we are supplying various products by signing technical agreements with various
overseas companies and supplying products by developing video control solutions for
security/patrol companies.

In particular, as an excellent procurement business operator based on intelligent
AI technology, contributes greatly to local businesses as well as domestic businesses.


Most AI technologies operate on servers as supercomputers, but FOCUS applied all these
technologies to the camera using EDGE COMPUTING technology.

Face recognition cameras, license plate recognition cameras, and EDGE image analysis servers
using object recognition and various image analysis technologies have already been developed
and used in various fields as representative products. For various case that cannot be
processed by EDGE devices, data is processed through the UVMS, its own image analysis server.
With many years of experience, we already have data sets for many cases across industries

The combination of EDGE camera technology through load balancing and UVMS analysis server
that can analyze more diverse images is the unique advantage of FOCUS that can quickly
resspond to various cases in a variable fields.
These metadata are collected from the CLOUD platform and used as basic data for big data

All FOCUS products are equipped with AI object recognition function, and if all products are
compatible with each other, FOCUS products can be used in casese where image analysis is
required throughout society.


FOCUS has optimized our AI core technologies and installed them on the Edge Device (IP
Camera / access control equipment), and applied these products to various business areas to
secure meaningful metadata.

As a result, we are expanding our business areas by securing not only the Edge AI engine but
also data sets.
When these metadata are collected on the CLOUD server, big data analysis is possible through
GPU operation.

Focus is equipped with an AI engine in all product lines, and it enables smart AI interworking
analysis through data sharing as well as interworking with other products through a flexible
camera API interface.


FOCUS has the original patent for cloud storage of various data.
FOCUS is estabilishing a platform that can easily and conveniently apply intelligent services to
customers' environments from Edge Devices to CLOUD solutions.
FOCUS can expand various business areas through a full lineup of intelligent video products and
a smart AI platform using Edge Devices.